Bell shaped lighting


Two years after the first drawings were made, Darø is now introducing the pendant Bell+, designed by Thomas Holst Madsen. The bell shaped lampshade, the name and the mobility; all contribute to the association of a ringing bell. Thomas is the first designer among many design collaborations that Darø will present in the future. Bell+ has been awarded the Design Plus Award at the international design fair, Light+Building in Frankfurt 2014. The pendant is available in four different sizes in a matt white and matt black colour.

Bell+ P1

Design: Thomas Holst Madsen

Materials: metal, oak, aluminium


Bell+ 20 P1: h. 20 cm, ø. 20 cm.
Bell+ 30 P1: h. 30 cm, ø. 30 cm.
Bell+ 50 P1: h. 50 cm, ø. 50 cm.
Bell+ 70 P1: h. 70 cm, ø. 70 cm.

Surprisingly obvious

“I like contradictions and fields of tension. For me this is where ideas and solutions occurs and develop”, explains the designer of Bell+, Thomas Holst Madsen, when telling about his creative approach to the projects he is involved in. In general what appears obvious and at the same time surprising characterizes Thomas’ design. In the designing of Bell+, form and function have been two fundamental elements. The volumnious shade is an elegant contrast to the crossbar in brushed aluminium that provides the opportunity to tilt the lamp, and thereby adjust the lighting as needed. Together with Bell+ comes a crossbar in oak, which will make it possible to change the appearance of the design. Bell+ will be available in stores from May.