Darø Archos 18


Darø Archos 18 Design Lamp

Archos // an eye-catching design
As a new addition to Darø’s wall lamp collection we present Archos 18.

With its sturdy aluminium shade Archos has been designed to radiate elegance, quality and durability. The exterior matt finish provides a great contrast to the reflective silver on the inside of the shade – which in itself creates synergy with the light source. The original idea with the Archos design was that it was intended to be placed next to a flat screen TV. The wall lamp does fulfil many other purposes and is used in a wide variety of settings.

Archos can create great background lighting which helps set the mood in a cosy restaurant environment or in the comforts of the home, where it becomes an integral part of the interior decoration. The wall lamp is also very functional in places where a solid up/down light is needed and it is often used as great lighting in stairways.

Archos 18 is a new size in our wall lamp collection, but Archos has been a very popular wall lamp for a long time. At Darø we always work to further develop our products in order to keep up with developments and Archos 18 is no exception. The wall lamp has been optimised so that it is fully compatible with G9 LED light sources. Furthermore Archos 18 has been optimised for easier installation in multiple kinds of power outlets. 

The Archos collection also includes Archos 12 which proportionately follows Archos 18 in size. Both wall lamps are available in matt black and matt white, and will be an elegant addition to any contemporary interior decoration.

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